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Its called "This Place"
Learn more about project "This Place"


The Chatter Box
Learn more about project "This Place"
Your personal webpages listed here
Metal Machine

Thats if I can get it all together and make it work
The purpose of "This Place"

Projects for "This Place"
-Password protection
-Provide a privite chat room with real mini pictures,instead of I cons for members
-List of friends,pictures and there E-Mails
-Open forum to leave a message or a question (members only)
-Bringing people together
-Your own personal profile
-A listing of each single webpage per member
-Maybe (just maybe) WebCam link ups (members only)
If it works,just think,the perfect match you'll have
Links to all the best websites
-Search engines
-Top downloads
-Local maps & travel
-Job hunting sites
-Computer help

Im going to try to let "This Place"run itself after I have made it secure enough and no membership fee's for this site....ever