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My Profile

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My profile: Hi , this is alittle about me.I'm 35years old,180lbs,5 ' 11" Blue eyes,Med build, I have a son 14 and a daughter 16 .I'm looking for friendship(maybe more) at first.I have a good job and would like to own my own Screenprinting business(was almost complete).I enjoy Rally,Nascar racing,PC racing sims,I enjoy Driving my Mustang5.0 around and showing off,I enjoy driving fast(but safe) as one of my hobbies and I do it well..I really enjoy the "OutDoors",animals,camping,cookouts,playing with kids.,I like to make people laugh,I play guitar(METAL ROCK and some country)not head banging though,I have also just started to write my own songs...Love kids alot.I enjoy good coffie,good food,X-mass and the winter time is my favarite time of year,I enjoy the country life and sometimes I do some goofy things like waking up in the middle of the night and take the mustang out for a cruuzze

Your profile: I'm looking for someone to spend some good times together,going to fairs,car races,picnics,dress to impress but also "dont mind gettin dirty in the mud either".Spending time together by a lake or just walking along a trail,being able to open up and show that you really care is very important to me.Understanding when problems arise..........Just need a friend,maybe more..Hanging out on a friday night just talking,going to the drive-in or maybe dinning out.This is what makes my world work for me,I'm a little agressive towards a new relationship because of the lack of one before,and I'm not getting any younger either,sometimes I seem like a kid still but thats what keeps you young...The 80s rock look is what I find sexy in a woman,a good woman that takes care of herself and has a confident bod,a woman who takes pride in herself and is not afraid to show it off.Long hair I find very attractive,I'm very understanding about most things in life

Major turn off's: A woman who is a player and enjoys using other people for there own gain.If you cant ever show effection or compasion and has no self interest, I'm not really interested...thats about it...

Music-Matalica,Lynard Skinard,Travis Tritt,Megadeth...What a mixture of music

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