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You must click above to download GeneRally game before you can add any of my tracks
My addon tracks
If you like racing games then you will enjoy this game called GeneRally.This game is a top down 3rd person racing game were you can also design your own tracks and download many cars.Try downloading my "Drift"series tracks and install them into the "tracks"folder in the GeneRally game folder and enjoy.

Tracks section in under construction but you can see how the tracks are comming.I will have them soon for downloading as a complete package in a few weeks


SUPER X..Ok,just turn left then right then left then right and left then right then left then right.Its a tough track to run but with time,it really can piss you off before you get the track down.


FASTWAY...Speed mixed with long range turns amount to really fast driving.When racing other cars here there is plenty of room for passing anywhere on this track.


SUPERDRIFT...This track is a drifters dream and being a long track,it takes time to learn.Every turn has been tested and made right.Take your time here and learn this track because once you get the drifting pattern down,it fun just to better your lap times


G-PLUS...Another speed track here with some off camber turns leading to long straights but there's a problem,make sure you pit before its your time because there's only one pit stop you must share between all drivers.The AI cars dont know where the pit enterence is at times and get confused,so then you will have more time to pit then the AI


R/T...Fast is whats needed here.Its a simple track with simple turns and a good beginner track for those just learning how to master the drift.Make sure you set the lap number to around 30 or 40 laps because that will teach you how to setup your car for the next turn even before you reach that turn.Thats called"Pitching"the car into the turn


ROUTE 32...The passing zone is what makes this track awesome because you cant really pass in the narrow parts of the track.You sometimes have to wait until you get to one of the passing zones to gain a position.


SLIDEWAYS...This track is covered in oil so its really like driving on ice.If done right you can drift all the way around this track but speed is not nessesary just good old drifting is whats needed to win here.