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Judge Moore(Alabama Supreme Court)
"put it back"
"Were not electing a president,were electing a direction"
"Non-voters,by choice,have no voice"

Battle's on the frontline
"Partial-Birth Abortions is now illegal"
"Perscription drug plan for the poor"(optional)
"Congress has recently passed a bill which entitles veterans and service persons to a dividend based upon their prior years of service"
"The PATRIOT Act will give law enforcement the tools they need to secure America's future while protecting our freedoms and Constitutional rights. This bill enhances foreign intelligence surveillance tools for the 21st century, strengthens control of border abuse by foreign terrorists, strengthens control of border abuse by foreign terrorists, improves law enforcement sharing of information to fight terrorism, enhances penalties for terrorism, broadens definition of terrorist acts and protects against abuse of new police powers."
"Rebuilding Americas Military: Department of Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 2586)"
Across-the-Board Tax Rate Reductions - Enacted

Provides immediate tax relief through permanent reduction of individual income tax rates. No one, no matter their income, should send more than one-third of their income to the IRS in taxes. This legislation gives back some of what you overpaid to the government so you can get a new washer and dryer, or get your children new school clothes, or even pay some of the college tuition or car bills that cost so much nowadays

Marriage Penalty Repeal Enacted

It stops the unfair tax that couples pay just for saying, I do. This is a common-sense plan to strengthen families and secure our childrens future. 

Death Tax Repeal Enacted

No one should be forced to visit the undertaker and the IRS all in the same day. Repeal of the death tax will lift an especially unfair burden from family farms and small businesses so that they can also share in the American dream.

Doubling the Child Tax Credit to $1000 Enacted

Under this plan, a family of four would get an additional $1,000 in tax relief to spend or save however they wish; for new clothes, college savings, or a host of other items in a family budget.

IRA Contribution Limit Increase to $5,000 Enacted

Allows Americans to set more aside in an IRA or 401(k)-type plan, modernizes pension laws and provides regulatory relief to encourage more small businesses to offer retirement plans

401K Contribution Limit Increase to $15,000 Enacted

The limit on salary reduction contributions to 401(k)-type plans would be increased to $15,000 by 2006; and the limit on an employers deduction for contributions to certain types of defined contribution plans would be raised to 20% of compensation.

$2,000 Education Savings Accounts for K-12 Public and Private Education Enacted

Allows parents to invest up to $2,000 annually in ESAs (from the current limit of $500) and permits tax-free withdrawals from ESAs to pay for both college tuition and K-12 education expenses.

$10,000 Adoption Tax Credit Enacted

Increases the adoption tax credit to $10,000 for all adoptions and increases the employer adoption assistance exclusion to $10,000.

Faith-Based Initiative House passed

Will stimulate charitable giving and allow community and religious groups to better help the poor and the needy. The Community Solutions Act will help fight addiction, poverty, homelessness, hunger and other ills and vices that hurt the downtrodden each and every day.

Balanced Energy Plan House passed

The SAFE Act is a forward-looking initiative. It is a balanced and tempered approach to meet our energy needs, lessen our dependence on foreign oil and OPEC and promote conservation measures. This bill has real solutions to our energy problems. This is an energy bill that will provide clean, affordable and available energy to all Americans.

Reducing the debt $2.4 trillion by 2011 House passed

After 30 years of deficit spending, Republicans in Congress balanced the budget, devoted 100% of the Social Security and Medicare funds to retirement security, and have started to pay down the national debt.  There is no going back. Republicans in Congress have paid off a record $625 billion of public debt since 1998.

Education Reform House passed

HR 1, No Child Left Behind, improves education for every child in America by holding schools accountable to parents, providing states and local school districts with unprecedented new flexibility, and giving new choices to parents.

 Bankruptcy Reform House passed

Overhauls the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to require debtors with the ability to repay some or all of their debt to do so. BanUnder this bipartisan effort, people with real need will get a fresh start and the burden placed upon the shoulders of American families will be reduced.kruptcies cost American taxpayers billions of dollars each year.

 Overturned Burdensome Clinton Ergo Regulations Enacted

Overturns a Clinton Administration policy that would have mandated burdensome workplace regulations, or so-called ergonomics rules involving repetitive stress injuries. Billions of dollars in compliance funding would have been passed on in higher prices and layoffs if the ergonomics rules were to be implemented.

 Unborn Victims of Violence Act House passed

Under the bill, criminals who commit an already defined federal crime of violence against a pregnant woman can be charged with a second offense on behalf of the second victim, the unborn child.

 Veterans Hospital Emergency Repair Act House passed

Provides immediate funding to address some of the VAs most pressing needs by providing $550 million over two years for construction projects to repair, rebuild or upgrade dilapidated medical facilities.

 Veterans Opportunities Act House passed

Targets additional funding and assistance to veterans and their survivors most in need, such as disabled veterans who require specifically adaptive housing or automobiles.

Small Business Paperwork Relief Act House passed

Aims to reduce government red tape by taking steps to lessen the paperwork burden for small businesses without compromising safety and health protections.

"Conseratives have more power than you might think,we are the leading party in America's future and by our value's and willingness to make a stand against un-American value's is our pledge and commitment to each American to understand all opinions and fairness"
They pray on the weak with there illegal guns,they kill,steal,invade our homes,cars,banks,take what is'nt there's,kill for drugs and now kill "just for the heck of it" there angry,mad and have unregistered illegal stolen guns.So who does the "Gun Control Laws" help?If a crook wants to rob a home but knows that a police officer live's there,but knows nothing of a home on another street,where do you think the robbery is going to take place?maybe he's afraid he will get shot!.What if the crook new that every home was Armed?Might this crook think twice about his life?as it should be anyways!!

All Judge's Should Be Elected by the people,NOT APPOINTED ! ! ! by the presidents