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Previous Letters from around the net
-The sides are chosen,but the line is unclear."Storage"you ever notice the vast number of "Storage Companies" poping up in America?Hmmmmm!.The silent Nazi's that think killing is a good thing.Why does "The history Channel" always show Nazi history?Maybe its the number 1 rated program.We cant let history repeat,this is America.Who were the first one killed in Nazi Germany?The handicaped,it had to start with the first one,then you know who came next!!Brain washed,its so easy to do,we are so busy working so much but I caught a glims of the truth on ABC so it must be true!!The war on terror or truth?"Your with us or against us" Dan Rather(be gone)CBS.Did you know fellons cant vote?Thats 1/4 of America right now,2.8 million laws in America,imagine if these became fellons!!Bastards say"I aint voting my vote dont count".85% of Americans voted just after the civil war.We elect people today with 15-20% of registerd votes,but how many is registerd?"I'm to busy son" before Columbine,thanks Mr Prozack!!Its a Un-just war in Iraq,alot of people get thrown off 3 story building,toungue's cut out,murder,raped,mass graves and the lovable chopped off head,But Matt Lour(NBC)says its a un-just war!!I own a gun from my grandfather,its never killed anyone,good gun good gun!! Hay Mrs Teacher,you want to teach my daughter about sex?ok,you can support her when she gets pregnet!!!Got to love the MTV 12 and younger show,"Mom can I get pregnet to and get lots of money"!!Imagine if Hitler owned"big brothers eye".Smart Jews were the crazy's back then but live to tell us today!!maybe they were NOT SO CRAZY,and seen the holocust comming!!Dont follow crowds!!Ever seen a man give birth?No mistakes there,thanks God!!Ever seen a gay "BigBird"?Ernie and Bert could have been just brothers,before MTv!!Why cant I buy Christmass stuff at Walmart any more?(opps thats not true,yet)Credit?Credit?What happened to holding a job ment something!!We see who has bad credit,they drive 1987 Toyota's.Awesome car though,last forever!!."Everything you say can and will be used against you",Thanks AOL,cell phones,DNA maybe??Wow $1,540 for a friggin tooth repair??good thing I did'nt need that tooth anyways!!How much you gonna give me for it Doc?!!Bottled water?When was the big outbreak of contamination??I missed that,Dam CBS!!
-  I have a great idea for the hate groups(aka Elf)Was anyone free before war?France NO,Germany NO,the old Soviet Union NO,Poland NO,the Baltic states NO,Spain NO,America NO.Here's my Awesome idea,"They" have become complacent and want to forget 911 and "they" look at 911 as some kind of accident.My idea goes like this..Lets bring our troops home from the Middle East,Asia,South Korea,ect.We should vote in a Democrat liberal,like "they" want,open up our borders and give out free I.D's and drivers liciences for the nice illegal imagrents,remove check pionts at the borders of Mexico and Canada,I think this is a great idea,because then we can fight the terrorists here on our land.I know there's lot of gun tooting wacko's that would love to pick off a few terrorist.Then lets see who the Liberals run to for protection,when there own freedom is under attack,it would be the gun tooting fella's they used to hate before the "War in America".I can just see it now,the liberals would be saying"I dont understand the terrorists,I thought we had peace with them".So think about this when you go to vote,and ask yourself,why has'nt there been another 911?Because we have a leader called President George Bush,and remember the first time the terrorist bombed the World Trade Center in 1993,Complacents said" Could we stop another attack,I think the answer is no"(Dan Rather on CBS)Well we had a president for 8 years and after the first attack in 1993 that did nothing but make it easier to get onboard a airliner by de-regulating restrictions and never installed ANY anti defence radar on the towers as the "Defence Department" insisted,so lets fight this war on terror here and you liberals can just hide and watch as the Conservitives kick some terrorist ass on American soil and when its over I'll bet you liberals will think different about your views after the war...We elect presidents today with only 60% of the population thats registered(13% of those registered dont vote anyways),of that half goes to each party,thats near 25% for the 2 parties but we have more than 2 parties when voting,so its a guess at only 15-20% of the population elect our president(do the research and you will be shocked).One year after the American Civil War(1861-1865) voter turnout was at 85%,and why is that?because the civil war effected ALL Americans of all colors and race.We live at a new time in America,a turning point,we dont elect presidents anymore,we're electing "a" direction of America,thats why there was such a split in the 2000 election,The Northern people(republican) have moved south and the southern people(democrats) have moved north,well,only in the way people are voting that is.Gee,could the South be rising up again against the North,but this time,by only voting??? Edit

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