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(Matalica 1998")
"Friends can be a real help when a situation happens,but beware not all friends may not be your friends,but they may be someone elses instead      

Some thoughts about life and what it all means

Broke'n heart,lost,mixed up and pissed off.Finding out that life can go the wrong way right when you think everything has never been so good.Building a life only to have it crushed by the powers of  a small mind and determination to destroy one's self.Feeling powerless but poweful in strength does you no good when something tries to end what you have cared about your whole life.Life goes on and there is or was a reason for what has happened.You  learn to forgive thoses who or what have brought your world down.Rebuild it again and make it better than before,correct the unhappyness and never forget.Special things in life come from within because in the end you can take anything with you but your thoughts,wisdom,feeling of love and yes memories.To be "cold" is to be without thought and anger comes from being "cold" some people think its the value of life thats matters most,I say life is what needs to be valued and not one's possesions.Everyone has anger and hate but its what triggers that emotion that makes us who we are.No other spiecies on the planet can do and control like us.Restrain yourself,find the release that makes you get over all you feel is wrong with yourself.Weather its friends,self enjoyment,pleasure only you can satisfy your self,when by your self.Some people run,hide and ignore the facts,unable to cope with themself and be who they want to be.There is a bred of people in our world thats has written off everyone else but those like themselfs.Lost in there own time and space and unwilling to surender to themself to find happness with others.just remember the old saying which is so true"Knowing one's self is helping one's self".Dont let a outside intravention interfear with  your own thoughts.Do what you feel is right to you and not let, what others say, be right for you.Being happy with someone your with so they can be happy with you."If you fake it,you will break it and you will not make it"...................Phil

I dont own a gun but I believe in the right "to bare arms,legs,signs,to run red lights at night, to follow the police around,to chase jap weiner cars around,to play Matalica loud,do burnouts at crowed intersections,show off to little kids,very loud cars,to change a car motor without a permit from the town,to drive 75 in a 65 zone,to pass old people to old to drive,to ban all Caravans from our roads
I play some guitar ,mostly heavy metal amd metal ballets.I create my own music and style and mix it all together with electronic drums,lead guitar and some keyboard work to.Its been a long time since I was serious about playing buy investing my time in this music its starting to sound like really good crap instead of just crap.
I record all the sounds you here myself and all of them are a creation of the mind.The equipment I use is better than I ever had before and its a real pleasure and talent that needs to be used and not wasted.
"There no other feeling in the world thats better than the thrill of a good safe ride and some rock'n tunes to make the feeling complete"