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35 years old,wow where did it all go?Well it went to fast I think!Finding the energy now days is not to easy to keep up with myself anymore!Was there a waste of time somewhere?I dont think so because if I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing.Well maybe I would change a few things sooner rather than later,for sure.Living up to one's standard that you learned early on in life can get lost in the world that you live in.For me it was all about having fun and that to got lost.The Past,Present and Future is at the door and life needs to be better than it was before.What needs to be done is to start living a life back on the edge again,you lose this as you get older and the things you really care about become repititive to a point where what you had is lost ,taken over by the demands of living.When stress decides to pay you a visit,it stays around for a while and removes all your value you once had.Understanding yourself and being happy with your self only matter to you and not what others think or feel.My two kids are a fine example of what life is all about.Sometimes you get mixed up and dont want to live the way you were before,because living before seemed so mixed up anyways that a change is needed.Well in some people,they like the way they are and they enjoy a life of peace.Remember before your life was so stressed out ?Thats a part of life and the reward for that is peace when the hard parts are over.I think they call that a time in life whe n you can relax and look back on all the trouble's and have a good laugh to yourself.I enjoy being who I am very much and I enjoy the peace I now have at this age(screw the present problems) and its time to finish what i started 14 years ago and keep the peace and not change anything in my life because why would oe change who they are if they are happy being what you are...............................................................................Phil

.I'm looking for friendship(Maybe someone I could fall in love with,again).Just need some company and some friendships(I've been sleeping to long).I have a good job and someday I would like my own business.I enjoy Rally & Nascar racing,PC racing sims,Good movie's,the"OutDoors",camping,Drive-in movie's,Dinning out,spending time just talking,Cook outs,Traveling,Typo's,Working on cars.I enjoy Driving my Hot Rod around,showing off.  .I'm 35 180lbs,Med build,5'10"

I play guitar(METAL ROCK)not head banging though. I Love kids alot.I'm a jokester and enjoy good coffie good food I'm looking for someone with a open mind,dress to impress but also dont mind getting dirty.Quit times together,and be able to show that you really care.Understanding when problems arise..........Just need a friend I like a woman who's kind,understanding,enjoys going out places,must like to ride in a fast car,someone maybe that herself is starting a new life and would like a friend to share it with,spending time together,a girl that knows what she wants.Must be able to  open up and be honest with her self........

I was in the process of starting a screenprinting buisness(Little lost right now) .I have 15 years of exp. in this line of work.The name of the company is "DIMENSIONS" and I will be designing art work for all types of garments and the likes.Printing on T-shirt is not easy and its hard work to achive this.Computer graphics,printing presses big dryers,getting dirty,very sore arms and staying up to date on the latest products is what makes a buisness work or fail and this will not fail.This has been a dream of mine for over 13 years and I have the stuff to prove it.I would like about 5-10 employee's and pay them well with benifits,profit sharing,time off "just for the fun of it".Daily meetings will be the key to work place happyness and means good people doing a good job for a company they profit from(for the right one's).So this is a little bit of my life's dreams as they are put on hold for a short time until my life returns to normal."Finding the right woman is worth giving it all up for and its also worth fighting for together"My dream job is to test drive new cars for "Car and Driver"and drive rally cars profesional.But I cant get there from here but maybe if money was not the issue I could.

      Finding a woman who share's her life with me and has a loving feelings towards someone to care enough not to think about doing the right kinds of affection that make someone enjoy who there with and in return to."She's outside doing yard work and getting all mad at something"I'll show her that I love her."She had a very hard day and she's all stressed out from work or the kids"I'll show her that I care,a hug ,a kiss or a cold glass of ice tea or just a nice smile.Being able to show that you care is good enough for me and your the type of person that still has a little kid in you,playful yet sexy,honest but can tell a good story,taking my hand as we walk,a quick kiss,that "I Love You"look is very much in need in my life ,because its been missing for to long.Pride in who I'm with and I'll show it off,but most of all and very important she must like to go fast,in my mustang and in life.I'm a driver not a rider and thats who I am,and thats what makes it work for me and I hope you to.Hugs are better than drugs unless your in the dentest's chair